We Rely Upon Our Local Partners

  GCDI  works with local Churches, Organizations and Individuals. All our projects are accomplished with and continue to operate through our Tanzanian partners. We encourage your direct assistance and encouragement of all  our partners. See the Mission Trips page for ideas on how you can help.

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Our US Partners Are Critical

   All our support comes from Churches and individuals in the US. Our partners Pray for the ministry, Give funds for the work and Go with us, sending teams to visit the field. We need increased funding for regular budgeted needs, special funds for projects and volunteers for teams. Contact us if you wish to know more about partnerships.

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Sponsor a child through One Fish

  One Fish supports more than 60 children, from preschool to Secondary, helping them stay in school. Many of those families we help have single parents or care for orphans. Your sponsorship helps pay for school fees, uniforms, school supplies and  more. Every One Fish child is visited at home and at school by our volunteers to ensure they are successful and well. 

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